Signposting your Shop-floor with Heavy duty floor marking tape

01, March 2017 — Strata

Do your workers know their way round the shop floor?
This sounds a silly question, but is asked in all seriousness. Do they take short cuts?

  • Walking through another’s workspace?
  • Walking in forklift truck working areas?
  • Walking through storage bays?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you are risking health and safety breaches and increasing your risk of accidents in the workplace.

INDUSTRIAL Floor Marking Tape from STRATA

Clear, simple signage and designated areas ensure your employees know where to walk, where to place assembly components and where their working space starts and ends. Identifying the different functions of areas contributes to pride in the work place and can support productivity improvements, as well as 5S workplace organisation initiatives.

Tough Route Industrial Floor markings are the simple effective way to show what goes where, mark out designated areas as well as pedestrian and vehicle routes to ensure safe passage for everyone working on your site.

Our combinations of Tough Route Heavy Tape, easily recognised shapes and floor signage enable you to mark out walkways, working areas, pallet storage and vehicle routes, simply and easily. The tape and shapes come in various colours ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant, making it straightforward to mark out different work spaces, production lines and activities.

STRATA's Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tapes offer clear signage solutions

The Tough Route system is easy to use, simply sweep the area of floor to remove dust, peel off the backing from the tape, shape or sign and stick it down. Tough Route on its own does not require any curing or drying, meaning your workplace can be transformed within minutes, even as production continues around you.

To maximise the lifespan of Tough Route products we do recommend applying Tough Route Primer to give the right base for the Tough Route products to adhere to, and Edge Seal to prevent shape or tape edges from peeling.

Tough Route products are available from stock so as soon as you have decided what tapes, shapes and signage you require to mark out your shop floor, we can supply. Contact Strata and specify your requirements using the contact form, email us at or call us on 01926 338547. Our friendly professional team are waiting to offer advice and help.

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