Is your floor wet or oily? Heavy-Duty drainage matting

02, May 2017 — Strata

Is your floor wet or oily? Heavy-Duty drainage matting

Is your floor wet or oily?

Dura-Link Multi is our versatile and heavy-duty matting solution, suitable for tough situations and demanding working environments. Originally developed for engineering applications Dura-Link Multi combines the anti-fatigue properties of our matting solutions along with slip resistant tread and drainage for fluids.
The open top design of the matting allows liquids, oils and greases to sink through away from the standing surface, leaving the mat surface dry and safe. This makes Dura-Link ideal for workspaces that incorporate drainage to manage fluids on the shop floor.

Dura-Link means your workforce stand on clean and dry anti-fatigue matting. The risks of slips and falls due to a greasy floor are minimised and workers have a comfortable, effective surface to stand on.

Dura-Link Multi interlocking "teeth" make a strong, enduring flooring, suitable for the harshest of environments. Even trolleys and pallet trucks can be driven over the matting without imparement.

The greaseproof properties of Dura-Link ensure a long life for the product for both use in oily or water based fluids.

Dura-Link Multi comes as matting squares, now with yellow bevelled edges to the perimeter of the floor matting area. It is easy to fit, simply decide the area you want to use Dura-Link and we can calculate the number of corner, edge, centre, end or middle mats you require. Diagrams can be seen here of the different configurations - This allows a floor matting to fit your area, even with an awkward shaped work cell or production line.

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