It’s Shocking - Prevent static shocks with anti-static matting

06, February 2018 — Strata

It’s Shocking - Prevent static shocks with anti-static matting

Did you know?

Depending on the materials, the chair you sit on, the floor you walk on and the work surfaces you use, are all capable of delivering an electric shock. Often the shock is so small we don’t even notice. But, as more and more things in our lives include electronics, the potential destructive impact of static electricity grows.

The internet of things is here; more and more manufacturers are using sensitive electronics in their products, making the management, prevention and control of electrostatic discharge (ESD) vital in the pursuit of manufacturing and product reliability.

Here at Strata we have the solution, that resolves any ESD issues and reduces worker fatigue. Our range of Anti-fatigue mats include anti-static options, combining all the ergonomic properties you expect from a Strata product as well as anti-static resistance. To complement the range of anti-static mats we can supply anti-static accessories too. An imperceptible, to us, static shock is enough to damage many electronic components. Is it worth taking the risk of ESD when Strata can offer a simple solution?

One option is our best-selling Bubble Mat Range is the ideal choice for an assembly area.
• The anti-fatigue properties help your workforce remain energised,
• The anti-static properties protect your components
• The solid surface, stops items getting lost down the cracks.

Bubble mat comes in standard and bespoke sizes, with bevelled edges for added safety. It is as flexible as your workforce, simply lift and move to a new place as you need it. Our customers tell us that once their workforce has stood on Bubble Mat, they will not accept any other flooring!

If you prefer a total floor covering with anti-static properties, consider our Work Deck or Endura ranges. Both have anti-fatigue properties and are more suited to walkways and high traffic areas.

Find out why workforces love anti-fatigue matting by Strata, by contacting us for your free sample pack. Call our friendly knowledgeable team on 01926 338547 or email us

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