Visual Clues - Dura Tough Floor Marking Paint

19, February 2018 — Strata

Visual Clues - Dura Tough Floor Marking Paint

They say ‘a picture says a thousand words’ and in experiments scientists have shown that the brain understands an image up to 60,000 times faster than words. In the hard-working environment of an industrial unit, simple and easily understood signage is critical for efficient running and safety for all.

Clearly marked out walkways, forklift truck lanes, hazards and stock locations all contribute to the efficiency, tidiness and pride your workforce takes in the shop-floor.

Introducing Dura Tough line marking, and image creating paint. Available as solvent and water-based formulations, Dura Tough is ideal for any environment that needs clear bright signage, including all types of manufacturing and warehousing locations. Available in yellow for safety, Dura Tough is the ideal way to mark out your shop floor, storage and routes. The flexibility of a paint enables you to include words and symbols as you mark out your areas as you require.

The paint is easy to apply, hard wearing and long lasting; then when you need to change it is easy to remove. The solvent based products are better suited to outdoor, wet or cold areas. Typical applications include car parks and roadways, as well as forklift truck routes, both inside and out.

Coming soon, water-based Dura Tough is ideal to continue your markings and signage inside. It is low odour and quick drying properties meaning you can mark out your shop floor during normal manufacturing day if you need to. We recommend floor marking during down times and non-working days, just to remove the risk of people walking on the paint whilst it is drying.

Dura Tough paints complement our existing Tough Route ranges of floor tapes and symbols and signage. See the range here Floor Markings.

Make your manufacturing environment easy to understand with Dura Tough and Tough Route from Strata. Contact our friendly professional team for your floor marking and signage solutions.

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