Case Study – Schneider Electric

Increase in productivity by 2%? Read on to find out how this can be made possible...

Life is on with Anti-fatigue matting

Schneider Electric 'creates connected technologies that reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives'. In the Telford facility, where they produce intelligent switchboard solutions to improve energy efficiency and continuity of power, the introduction of Anti-Fatigue matting from Strata is contributing to positive change for employees.

The Issues

The main issues Schneider Electric were facing included

  • A need to improve the ergonomics of the shop-floor
  • Complaints from workers of aching legs, feet and backs
  • Existing mats and flooring were old and unfit for purpose.

Why Strata?

Schneider Electric worked with Strata as their matting supplier because

  • Strata ‘took the time understand our requirements, their expertise helped us to select the best matting solution for our business.’
  • Strata offer ‘the best product in the market place for our needs’
  • The Strata team were helpful, available and knowledgeable

Schneider Electric selected Bubble-Mat Bespoke to achieve the fit required for the shop-floor.

Bubble Mat Bespoke

  • The insulating and absorbing properties of Bubble Mat were helpful for the production environment, where electronic and electrical components are assembled.
  • The matting suited the production needs where small high value components were easy to spot and retrieve if dropped, without damage.
  • The coloured bevelled edges showed a change in level from the concrete floor.
  • The anti-fatigue properties of Bubble Mat addressed employee complaints.

Schneider Electric used the anti-fatigue matting from Strata as a visible affirmation to employees of the value of their contribution. Managers and employees recognise that a well-defined, modern and comfortable working environment contributes to morale and productivity.

One year on, how does Schneider Electric feel about Bubble Mat from Strata?

  • The Anti-fatigue matting has contributed to 2% (to date) increase in productivity!
  • Operator complaints of aching legs and feet have reduced
  • The matting has encouraged employees to embrace change

'The ergonomics of our shop-floor have improved with the introduction of Bubble Mat from Strata. Our employees tell us 'life is on’ both at home and work'.

If your workspace and your workforce are tired, contact Strata, our anti-fatigue matting transforms the function, ergonomics and look of your shop-floor.


Calculate the saving your firm could make if you increased productivity by 2% - Not a big figure in itself, but multiplied across a whole site, your savings could be huge!

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