Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce fatigue in workers?

  • Make sure workers are getting the right amount of sleep - although this is outside of work, it can greatly impact work performance.
  • Allow workers to take regular breaks - make sure there are areas where workers can relax during the day.
  • Manage shift patterns; swapping these will allow workers to have a full night sleep periodically.
  • And yes, anti-fatigue matting reduces worker fatigue - the best worker is a happy worker!


How can i keep workers warm on a cold floor?

  • Wearing thick socks can help to keep workers warm - heat is lost at the extremities of the body.
  • Installing infrared heaters can be a cost effective way to heat objects - your workers, and not the air
  • Anti-Fatigue floor matting can be used as an insulation, allowing workers to remain comfortable even in the coldest months
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