Why choose Strata's Bubble Mats?

As with most things, you "get what you pay for".  So what is the difference between the Strata Bubble Matting and a cheaper "online" version?
To make sure you have a product that will stand the test of time, we've put some reasons why we believe our products are a great investment -

  • Three year guarantee for bespoke or standard sizes (although they usually last a lot longer than three years!)
  • Each bubble is raised off the ground, giving extra comfort underfoot and optimum ergonomic properties. See the images below to demonstrate -
    This means greater comfort and fatigue relief for your workers when working on a hard floor.
    Underneath of a Strata Bubble Mat - left against typical cheaper matting - right

  • Made from virgin material but fully recyclable when it is time to replace...
  • Superior manufacturing - process and material designed to stand the test of time.
  • Range of materials to suit your particular application - standard, greaseproof, welding and anti-static.
    Please enquire as to the right product for your particular application.
  • Yellow bevel edges to all sides for standard, greaseproof and welding material (Anti-static has black bevel edges).
    Enduring your floor is comfortable as well as in line with government advice.
  • All this backed up with years of experience and help - right at hand for whenever you need us.

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