Work-Deck Solid Top

Work-Deck Solid Top

Ergonomic interlocking matting


  • Interlocking tiles to form any length or width area
  • Available in standard or anti-static material
  • Hardwearing with excellent anti-fatigue properties
  • Made from fully recyclable material
  • Can be cleaned with pressure washer
  • Depth 15mm

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Code Metric Imperial Type
WDSB 0.9 x 0.9m 3' x 3' Standard Tile
BEY 0.9m 3' Standard Yellow Bevel Edge
CNGB 0.9m 3' Standard Connector
WDAS 0.9 x 0.9m 3' x 3' Anti-Static Tile
CNGBAS 0.9m 3' Anti-Static Connector
BEYAS 0.9m 3' Anti-Static Black Bevel Edge

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